Northern Vineyards Winery uses wine grapes varieties that ripen early.  It is essential for our climate that we use these varietals of grapes.  Our main production is from locally developed grapevine varieties.  The late Elmer Swenson of Osceola, WI is responsible for developing many cold-hardy varieties.  They include LaCrosse, Edelweiss, Louise, Prairie Star, Sabrevois, Laura’s Laughter, Shannon and St. Croix.

The University of Minnesota grapevine breeding program has developed several varieties to grow in Minnesota’s climate.  The varieties that we use are Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, LaCrescent and Marquette.  All of these grapevines are cold-hardy, disease-resistant, ripen early and provide wonderful flavors that come through in the wines. 

One of our wine maker’s favorites to work with is the St. Croix wine grapes.  This grapevine makes an excellent medium bodied red.  It has a propensity to make juicy red wine with a little smoky aroma.