In the NewsNorthern Vineyards Winery is owned by the member-growers of the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative.  We were the first modern wine cooperative in the United States.  Each member of the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative maintains a vineyard between 1-15 acres.  The wine coop members produce grapes that are brought to the winery in the fall to be transformed into wonderful wines. 

 Each vineyard has its own unique characteristics for growing grapes, depending on soil and sun exposure.  Our Wisconsin and Minnesota grape growers are located as far north as Mora,_DSC1579Minnesota and as far south as Viroqua, Wisconsin.  The wine coop members must provide meticulous care to their vineyards for them to withstand the rigors of Minnesota’s continental climate.  Our Wisconsin and Minnesota grape growers specialize in cultivating grape varieties developed for our unique northern climate.