Stillwater Boat CruiseStillwater owes its existence to the scenic St. Croix River.  The lower St. Croix River, a National Scenic Riverway, flows between bluffs of limestone and sandstone.  The river and its environs provides for ample outdoor recreational opportunities including camping, hiking, fishing, bird watching, boating, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding – and more!

A fun way to explore the St. Croix River is a Stillwater boat cruise in a historic 1800’s paddleboat!   Or for the more romantic option try a Gondola.  Whichever Stillwater boat cruise you choose stop by the Northern Vineyards Winery Gondolaafterwards for a relaxing glass of one of our excellent wines on our deck overlooking the St. Croix River.