The best red wine made from cold and hardy grapes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Northern Vineyard’s are excellent examples of the wide variety of cold hardy red wine. 

ReserveSt. Croix is a dry, barrel aged red wine made from the St. Croix grapes grown in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  This wine is medium bodied and incredibly smooth, and is evocative of an earthy bonfire with notes of oak and smoke. In addition there are notes of leather, tobacco, pine, and a finish of black pepper.  The best red wine pairing for St. Croix is beef stew or red meat. 12.5% alcohol

St. Croix Reserve is a dry, barrel aged, red wine made from the St. Croix grape grown in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  This wine is medium bodied and made from press run juice which gives it more tannin, giving the wine a fuller body. It has oak and smoke flavors with cherry and black current fruit hints.  Most similar to a RivertownCabernet Sauvignon. 12.5% alcohol

Rivertown Red is a dry, barrel aged red wine made from Frontenac grapes grown in Minnesota.  A juicy red with tomato aromas it has some tart cherry flavor with an oaky finish.  A good food pairing for Rivertown Red is with Italian red sauce and we recommend it with pizza. 12.5% alcohol

Downtown Red is a dry, barrel aged red made from the Marquette grape grown in Minnesota. A lighter juicy red it has flavors of blackberry and notes of oak, vanilla, and spice.  This wine pairs very well with Parmesan cheese. 12.5% alcohol Oldvines

Minnesota Old Vines is a dry, full bodied red made from Marechal Foch grapes planted in 1976 in Welsh, MN.  With a bit of an oak flavor and some spice, which is rounded out with a strawberry jam finish.  This wine is most similar to a Shiraz and is our staff’s favorite red. 12.5% alcohol Currently Sold Out


Main Street Red is a semisweet red blend made from unoaked Frontenac and barrel aged St. Croix grapes grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  This unique wine has an earthy start with prominent flavors of oak, and a smooth cherry finish. This wine can also be served chilled.  12.5% alcohol

Red is one of our house wines and is a semisweet, unoaked red made from the Sabrevois grape grown in Hudson, WI.  The wine is very smooth and fruit-forward with notes of plum and raspberry. It makes an excellent dinner wine for a diverse group of wine palates. 12.5% alcohol