Each of Northern Vineyards’ types of wine including the blush wines have a distinct flavor unique to our winery.

OktoberfestPrairie Rose is a semi-dry, deep blush wine made from the Marechal Foch grape grown in Welsh, Minnesota.  With prominent notes of raspberries, this wine also has a cranberry finish. It pairs well with poultry dishes and is a Thanksgiving favorite.  12.5% alcohol

Lady Slipper is a semisweet, unoaked blush wine made from Frontenac Gris grapes grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It has a prominent strawberry flavor with floral notes throughout and a hint of spice on the finish.  One of our most popular wines, it features an illustration of the Minnesota State flower. 12.5% alcohol

Rosé is one of our house wines, and is a sweet rosé made from Frontenac grapes grown in Hudson, WI. The wine expresses the characteristic cherry flavor of the Frontenac grape, and also displays the acidity associated with the grape. This wine is perfect with a fresh fruit and spinach salad, or for sipping on at the end of your day. 12.5% alcohol